Viviane Decramer


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About Viviane Decramer

Viviane started in the 70s with oil paintings, neo-expressionist landscapes in dark soil tones and earth colors, which she worked with palette knife. With the years she evolves into mixed techniques, collages, graphics, image compositions with surfaces and color contrasts, work in which she keeps looking for equilibrium between figurative and abstract. For this she uses ink, acrylic and oil paint, often in combination with (exotic) materials in natural form such as Japanese paper, banana tree leaves, depending on its structure and the moment of improvisation.

The human figures that she portrays are often incomplete and torn, as is also in real life. People are rather 'human fragments'.  The lines are interrupted or 'stolen by the empty', replaced by another fragment, indicating the succession of impressions and feelings. 


Her animal figures symbolize the need of freedom (birds), the symbiosis between primal power and elegance (Spanish bulls). After the turn of the century, her work evolves more and more in the direction of expressionism and surrealism. In recent years it has mainly consisted of graph and mixed techniques with linocut, collage combined with oil on paper, cloth or wood. Since 2015, her oeuvre is supplemented with images in terracotta and bronze.